From Kauai to Key West Gold Coast Yachts vessels are hard at work helping 2,500,000 people a year have fun on the water.


GC53 WILDHEART at work

Every owner has a vision of how to have fun in his local waters;

  • High speed sailing cats
  • Multi deck party cats
  • Fast fuel efficient power cats
  • Sun, Sail, Snorkel cats

Gold Coast Yachts has the experience and proven ability to build commercial vessels and custom catamaran yachts on time and budget.

The Gold Coast Yachts website attempts to communicate the 114 different vessels we’ve been commissioned to design and build. Although many of the vessels share similar attributes there are no stock models.

  • Commercial sailing or power catamarans
  • Private catamaran yachts
  • Support vessels

Contact Rich Difede or Roger Hatfield to design and build your new catamaran at an internationally competitive price.

Let our skills, management strength and design experience work for you.

  • Day sail catamarans, private yachts, wave-piercers, power cats, guest shuttles, ferries, snorkel boats, dive boats, sight-seeing boats, excursion vessels, party cats…
  • Resin infusion, wet bagging, wood /epoxy composite, stitched and unidirectional e-glass, epoxy
  • Carbon fiber
  • Professionally designed and installed machinery, electrical, mechanical and rigging systems
  • Existing hull molds, one-off molds, custom shapes

114 Custom Composite Catamarans and Trimarans

Just Delivered! Near Completion

Video Clip of Fūjin 1st Test Run

Just Launched

GC65 Sea Dreamer

Under Construction

Red Sails Sport

In the Works

98' Tandem Cat


Lucky Strike
Chamonix II