Knot My Problem


Warren Mosler came to us with the idea of expanding the well-accepted 47’ wave-piercer series into a private cruising vessel for he and his family. He used the designer for his automobile series to craft his personal interior and exterior style placing all onto our hulls.

This vessel is roomy, comfortable, fast, safe and very fuel efficient. She’s powered by a pair of Volvo stern-drive 190 hp duo-props and scoots along at over 28 knots empty and can cruise at 20 knots at ¾ rpm and burning only 5 gallons of fuel an hour per side. With her pair of 200 gallon fuel tanks and at about 15 knots, she’s got a range of over 1500 nautical miles. Like her sisters, she drives ‘like a diamond in the rough’, which is most of the time in the Caribbean!