Kool Katt Kelly


A custom designed and built resort passenger vessel for BEACHES and SANDALS Resorts combining the successful Gold Coast Yachts sailing hull form and structure with a SANDLES’ accommodation plan to create a unique resort vessel.Underwing clearance will be at least 40″ forward. Large rounded sheers. Hulls approx 6’9″ wide at OWL 3.5. 6’4″ interior hull headroom. Fixed fiberglass keels.Kevlar beaching shoes. Single level bridgedeck with curved beam steps. Custom made aft deck tube water slide with access platform.Enlarged roof. Cabin sides pushed out to sheer with midsection inset for opening windows. Closed seats with large radius and curved edges pushed out to hull centerline. Interior walls, bar walls, helm station walls and retail counter have rounded corners.46″ wide stairs into hulls.Overhanging salon roof with curved edge. Glass face retail display and sales counter.