Put our decades of multihull experience to work for you! With in-depth knowledge of boatbuilding, repair, and operations, we are happy to share our knowledge and support the community.  Whether you are looking for a formal consultation or simply interested in getting a second opinion, we provide consultation services to ensure that you’re getting the quality you expect and deserve. We can act on your behalf or provide you with sound guidance in a variety of areas.

  • Advanced Composites
  • Novel Hull Designs
  • Multihull Design and Engineering
  • Classic Wooden Multihulls
  • Multihull Rigging including Wing Masts
  • Sailing Catamarans and Trimarans
  • Day Charter Operations
  • Passenger Vessel Safety
  • USCG Inspected Small Passenger Vessels
  • Vessel Repairs or Refits
  • Maintenance Schedules
  • Vessel Valuations

Emergency Repairs

When disaster strikes, a vessel operator can become overwhelmed with the tidal wave of details and concerns. This is especially true for a fleet of vessels after a major hurricane where the vessels themselves are just one of many critical issues demanding your attention. Let Gold Coast Yachts assist or completely handle your vessel repair. We can get you back in operation quickly. With our familiarity of multihulls and various repair processes, we can offer you or your local boatyard expert guidance. Depending on the circumstances, we can also fly out to you to conduct the repair at your location or repair vessels at our facilities on St. Croix. Even minor repairs can be done by Gold Coast Yachts professionally and timely, avoiding unforeseen complications and minimizing

downtime. We are able to work with local
USCG inspectors to review the damage and develop an approved repair plan, fly out with materials and conduct the repair, and receive sign-off by the USCG to return to service, all within a few days. Additionally, if you own a Gold Coast vessel, we can fabricate new components such as rudders and keels for a quick like-for-like replacement. Call us immediately, so we can start developing a repair plan for you!

Refits, Repowers, & Remanufacture

Gold Coast Yachts has years of experience working with vessel owners, their crew, the United States Coast Guard, local boatyards, and equipment manufacturers to perform a wide array of enhancement work on vessels. Whether you’re looking to put a vessel into a new route, offer different amenities on your vessel, or simply freshen up after years of hard work we can assist. Whether your needs are structural or cosmetic, mechanical or electrical let Gold Coast Yachts make sure the work goes smoothly. We can assist your local boatyard with remote design and engineering work, or perform a complete overhaul here on St. Croix. Call or email us today to find out how we can help. Below are just some of the ways we have helped vessel owners in the past:

  • Re-Power
  • Electronics Modernization
  • Safety Equipment Upgrades
  • USCG Consultation
  • Stability and Weight Changes
  • Superstructure or Accommodation Changes
  • Improved Handicap Accessibility
  • Structural Modification
  • Rigging Replacement or Redesign
  • Continuing Maintenance Agreements
  • Crew, Maintenance staff, or USCG Training
  • Component Replacement or Upgrades