Trilogy I & V


Trilogy I & V are sister ships built for Trilogy Excursions on Maui. A special design challenge came from the customer asking GCY to incorporate all of the features of their GC65s into a 54’vessel. GCY was able to accomplish this by fully customizing the layout to give all of the bang of a 65’ vessel in a 54’ package. They are designed to carry 80 passengers and both vessels feature a wide variety of guest amenities while maintaining 40” underwing clearance forward. The engineering team at Gold Coast Yachts was also able to design aft storage space for a full complement of snorkel and SNUBA® equipment. The design features an expansive deck with seats and tables spread throughout to provide guest an amazing on-the-water dining experience. To support the staff and their effort to provide guests with an excellent experience, these vessels have remarkable food & beverage amenities, considering their size. These are two of several boats that Gold Coast Yachts has designed and built for Trilogy Excursions in Hawaii. Check them out here!